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Can you get lugs rated for 600 kcmil cables for a PowerPact P frame breaker for either I-Line or Unit Mount?

Lug that can accept 600 kcmil cable for Unit mount or I-Line Mount Powerpact P Frame Breaker.

Product line:  
Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Unit mount and I-Line PowerPact P frame breakers

Require 600kcmil lugs for a PowerPact P frame breaker.

The PowerPact P frame's standard lugs are rated up to 500 kcmil.  

Optional lug kits to accommodate 600 kcmil cables are available.  For I-Line, use AL800P6K.  It will accept 2 - 600 kcmil cables.  This lug can not be used on the line side of a unit mount breaker, but can be used on the load side. Another lug is available for unit mount breakers that will accept up to 3 - 600 kcmil cables.  It is AL1200P6KU and can be used on either the line or load side of the breaker.  This lug can not be used on I-Line breakers.  

The P frame breaker however can NOT accept 4 - 600 kcmil cables.  You would have to use an R frame to accommodate 4 - 600 kcmil cables.
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