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Does the SU3040D400CB or SU3040D300CB come with one or two 200A 2P main breakers?

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Combination Service Entrance Devices

Main Breakers


The SU3040D400CB and SU3040D300CB, both come standard with one QDL22200 Main Breaker feeding the 30space-40circuit Homeline load center interior. Then one additional QDL main breaker must be purchase separately for field installation. A 200amp MAX. for the 400amp device and a 100amp MAX. for the 300amp device. The below breaker types are what can be used depending on the SCCR.
QBL - 10,0000AIC
QDL - 25,000 AIC
QGL - 65,000 AIC
QJL - 100,000 AIC
Refer to Digest for complete circuit breaker catalog number.

CTA-ID : 2017088
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