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Is it possible to install dynamic brake transistors into ATV66 drives that did not orginally come with dynamic braking transistors?

Note: This question is regarding the internal transistors and controls for dynamic braking, NOT the dynamic brake resitor kits that are installed external to the drive.
Some size 6 Altivar 66 drives do not include transistors for dynamic braking. This was done in order to offer a lower cost version of the drive to customers who have applications that do not require dynamic braking. Size 6 drives include ATV66C10N4U, ATV66C13N4U, ATV66C15N4U & ATV66C19N4U.
It is only possible for ATV66 drive without dynamic brake transistors to have the transistors installed by SquareD field services. The procedure is very technically complicated and the parts are not sold to end users or distributors.

CTA-ID : 2016964
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