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How can a V1.5 or older ATV58 configuration be imported into powersuite V2?

ATV58 0.5 to 100 Horse Power Files that were created in a version of PowerSuite prior to PowerSuite II, cannot currently be directly imported into PowerSuite II`s ``Tree`` like structure as a configuration file. Recall that the tree structure is new to PS II.

ATV58F Flux Vector drives and 125 to 500 HP ATV58 drives work correctly and can be imported from prior versions. There is no problem with Flux Vector drives or High HP ATV58 Drives files created with prior versions of Power Suite.

As they cannot be used as configuration file, it is best to create a new configuration if it is needed for multiple drives if your customer is creating a new system.

The V1.5 ATV58 Lower HP files can still be used in PowerSuite II directly in a drive using the following work around:

Open any ATV 58 drive that you have already created in your tree. If none exist, create one from the file-new configuration.

Next Double click on new configuration file and the PowerSuite for the ATV58 will open with that file. This should look exactly as you are familiar with from PowerSuite V1.5. It is exactly the same interface. Now, close the new configuration file while remaining within the ``shell`` of the ATV58 software. As with V1.5 PowerSuite, just use the file open commands to get to the file you previously created in V1.5 and it will open without any problems. This file can then be downloaded to a drive, modified, saved, etc.

CTA-ID : 2017230
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