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What does ATV28 do when it is in Ready (rdY) mode, gets an Overvoltage (OSF) fault, and Auto Restart (Atr) is enabled?

Using an ATV28HU18M2U single phase 230 volt drive and a Variable transformer, following test was done:
Set line voltage to 230 VAC. Drive in rdY state.
Set Atr to YES.
Set line voltage to 302 VAC. Drive shows OSF then rtrY, then OSF, then rtrY, etc. about once per second.
Waited 6 minutes in this state. The fault did not lock out.
Set line voltage to 230 VAC. Drive went to rdY state.

Summary: this drive resets properly from an OSF fault, if ATR is set to YES, and drive is not running.

CTA-ID : 2017185
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