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What are the specifications for the R2 relay on the Altivar 66?

The R2 is a programmable fault relay for the unit.

R2A is a Normally Opened (N.O.) contact.
R2B is a Normally Closed (N.C.) contact.
R2C is the common.

The relay has a minimum switching capacity of 10mA, 24Vdc
Maximum switching capacity on inductive load
   2.0 A for 120Vac; max: 0.10 J/operation, 80 operations/minute
   1.0 A for 220Vac; max: 0.25 J/operation, 25 operations/minute
   2.0 A for 24Vdc; max: 0.10 J/operation, 80 operations/minute
Arc suppression provided by varistors in parallel with relay contacts.

CTA-ID : 2016916
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