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Why does this Altivar 66 drive have a label behind the door that indicates a nominal voltage of 208/240V instead of 400/460V that it is supposed to be rated for?

For ATV66 size 1 - 5 drives produced in Raleigh from data code 0023 to 0105, there is the possibility that the wiring label located on the back of the door may indicate 208/240V instead of 400/460V. The nameplate labels on the side of the drive correctly show 400/460V.

This possibility exists because Seneca returned unused doors to the Raleigh plant from drives that had been produced in France, some of which were 230V. The doors made it to the production line and could have been installed on new drives. Seneca has been instructed not to do that and the associates have been instructed to remove any doors from the group that are returned that way.

CTA-ID : 2016942
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