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Can a GFM100FA, GFM150HD or GFM250JD ground fault module be used on a two pole application?

Can you use one of the add-on GFM accessories on a 2-pole application?  

Product line:  
Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Powerpact H & J frame breakers, Legacy FA/FH frame breakers

Yes you may feed 2-pole / single-phase loads but you MUST use a 3-pole breaker to do it.  The GFMs are constructed in 3-pole width for use on 3-pole breakers only.  The module will function properly using only 2-legs.  

The Earth Leakage Modules (ELM) ELM150HD and ELM250JD on the other hand can ONLY be used on 3-wire loads with no neutral.  
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