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What is the part number the ATV58 ambient unloader used by Trane company?


The function of this part is to cause the speed reference supplied by the Trane controls to be reduced if ambient temperature is high. The intention is to allow the drive to continue to run with reduced load so that it is less likely to have OHF (drive overtemperature) fault.

This is a connection terminal block with ambient unloader circuits for AI1. The connector replaces the pull apart connector that is on the drive.
It does not have 10 pins. Therefore, if used on TRX drives with the 10 pin connectors for the analog output, the analog output will not have a wiring termination.

Also, this unloader kit makes it impossible to add I-O extensions or communication cards.

This part is not available for standard distribution. If it is not possible to get this part, the drive can be run without it. The control terminal strip may be needed in place of this device. The part number for the control terminal strip is VZ3N581U.

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