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Can one of the electronic serial timer modules be added to an enclosed non-reversing, non-combination Tesys 9 - 32A starter, cat. no. LE1D09 through LE1D32?

 Can an electronic serial timer module (LA4DT0U, LA4DT2U, LA4DT4U, LA4DR0U, LA4DR2U, LA4DR4U) be added to the enclosed LE1D starters? Will the device interfere with the use of an Insta-kit?

Product Line:
 Tesys D line enclosed starters

Products sold and used in the United States
 Would like to add an electronic serieal timer module to an enclosed d line starter
Yes, an electronic serial timer module can be mounted to the top of the enclosed TeSys contactor by using the LAD4BB adaptor, and it will not interfere with the Insta-kits.

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