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How can the display be set to show a specific parameter as the default the Altistart 48?

The factory setting displays the motor current (parameter LCr).
To save the chosen display:
- Press the ENT key once: the choice is temporary, it will be cleared at the next power up.
- Press the ENT key again for 2 seconds: the display flashes, the choice is permanent and will be retained even if power is cycled.

The available display parameters are:
COS - power factor
LCr - Line current
rnt - hours of run time
LPr - Line power in terms of percentage nominal
Ltr - motor torque in terms of percentage nominal
LAP - Power in terms of kW
EtA - Soft Starter status (rdy, acc, dec, run etc.)
LFt - Last fault detected
PHF - Phase rotation
COd - keypad locking code

CTA-ID : 2015947
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