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What is the catalog number for a replacement non-compensated, bimetallic overload for a series A, Size 5 starter?

Identifying available overload relay options 

Product Line:
NEMA Type S Starters

Products sold and used in the United States

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Non-compensated bimetal overload relays are no longer available in the NEMA product line. 

The replacement scenario was a 31102-084-50 CT assembly, a 9065SEO6B2 overload, and (3) 21926-28280 overload to contactor mounting screws. Select thermal units from table 38.

But as our bimetal overloads relays are now obsolete with no direct replacement, depending on the application we can use either of the following complete replacement assemblies: melting alloy overload relay 9065SEO5 or solid state overload relay 9065SF520.
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