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How do the preset speeds operate when using 4 presets with the Altivar 58 drive?

See attached keypad programming manual for additional details.

For 4 preset speeds, two inputs are used. One logic input must be programmed for PS2 (2 preset speeds). The other input is set to PS4 (4 preset speeds). In the chart below, the input set for PS2 is shown as LIX. The PS4 input is LIY. The chart shows a 1 for active inputs and a 0 for inputs that do not have 24 VDC applied. The combination of the two inputs determines the speed that the drive will run. High speed (HSP), Low speed (LSP), Preset speed 2 (PS2) and preset speed 3 (PS3) can be set in the SET adjustment menu 2.

LIy     LIx      Frequency Reference
 0       0    =    LSP (low speed) + AI reference
 0       1    =    SP2 (preset speed 2)
 1       0    =    SP3 (preset speed 3)
 1       1    =    HSP (high speed)

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