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What is a Stored Energy Mechanism (SEM) ? Available on HVL, HVL/cc and Visi/Vac. <br />

A Stored Energy Mechanism (SEM) is a mechanism that opens and closes a device (Switch) by compressing and releasing spring energy. The operating handle compresses a set of closing springs and a separate set of opening springs. These springs store the mechanical energy of this movement and are held in the compressed state by close and open latches. (In other words, the springs are pre-charged). The springs will release their energy when the close or trip latches are moved and will close or trip the device. The close or trip latches can be moved by local mechanical push buttons or by the plunger of close or trip electrical coils. The speed of operation is independent of the speed of the operator. The operating time of the SEM mechanisms is approximately 100 milliseconds. The motor operator will recharge the springs in approximately 3 seconds.

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