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What is Special Pricing? TAG ITEMS? Where do they come from?<br />When are they required in the medium voltage metal enclosed product selector?<br />

Special pricing or TAG ITEMS must be entered for any item, which is not loaded in the Product Selector. The Tag Number will indicate the source of the pricing information. If the prices come out of the Pricing Guide, then it may just be the number of the guide such as SW-7.. Pricing information usually comes the Project Support and Engineering Center (PSEC). This group has access to the TAG number database. New TAG numbers are always created by the Smyrna Technical Assistance Group (TAG). NEVER Tag IN anything without clearing it through PSEC or TAG. It must be known if the Smyrna Plant is in a position to build the TAGGED IN item(s). The lead time or PELT code must be known in order to schedule the order. There is a drop down list for the left to right sequence number.

CTA-ID : 2015635
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