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What is the part # for the inverter bridge on the ATV58HU09M2ZU, ATV58HU18M2ZU, ATV58HU29M2ZU, ATV58HU41M2ZU, ATV58HU54M2ZU, ATV58HU72M2ZU, ATV58HU90M2ZU, ATV58HD12M2ZU, ATV58HU18N4ZU, ATV58HU29N4ZU, ATV58HU41N4ZU, ATV58HU54N4XZU, ATV58HU72N4XZU, ATV58HU90N4XZU ATV58HD12N4XZU, ATV58HD16N4XZU or ATV58HD23N4XZU?

The inverter IGBT transistor bridge and other power components are not available for units this size.

The only replacement parts available for these small drives are the control boards, fans, terminal strips and keypads. These drives to not have parts available for on site repair until 6 ATV58 with the smallest units being ATV58HD16M2 and ATV58HD28N4.

CTA-ID : 2015520
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