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Can components be mounted beneath boric acid fuses or can boric acid fuses be used with inverted switches?<br /><br />How does this affect the placement logic in the Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed Procuct Selector?

It is best NOT to mount equipment under the exhaust spray out of the boric acid fuse discharge filters. The product selector logic will not place items underneath the boric acid fuses such as voltage or control power transformers. It is OK to mount items under Current Limiting Fuses, since they do not have any exhaust. Simply changing from current limiting to boric acid fuses changes the placement logic. The boric acid fuses may cause the addition of an additional section.

Boric Acid fuses cannot be used with inverted switches because the exhaust materials will spray upward and fall down over the switch and other components.

CTA-ID : 2015065
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