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Are the GV2 & GV3 Manual Starter & Protector rated for group installation?

Group rating for GV2 and GV3

Product Line:
Tesys GV Manual Starter and Protectors

North American Products
The GV2 and GV3 are UL Listed for group installations for motors with individual full-load currents up to 63 amps. If each motor in a grouping is controlled by a GV2 or GV3 device, only one branch circuit protective device (circuit breaker or fusing) is necessary for the entire group. Note: the circuit breaker or fusing must not exceed 1200 amps for GV2 or 500 amps for GV3, in accordance with the National Electrical Code Article 430-53.

The interrupting rating for group installations is 10kA at 480 volts for the GV2M and 50kA at 480 volts for both GV2P and GV3M devices. The instantaneous trip is set at 13 times the thermal setting and is NOT adjustable.
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