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Video: What is the Dual Cover interlock on the heavy duty safety switches, how does it work and can it get bypassed?

Demonstrating the Dual Cover Interlock on Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Product Line:
Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Cover interlock


1) The Dual Cover Interlock feature for the Heavy Duty Safety Switches is a Safety Feature to prevent unqualified persons from access to energized components internal to the safety switch.
2) The Dual Cover Interlock works as follows:
When the switch is in the 'ON' position, it prevents someone from opening the switch cover.
When the switch is 'OFF' and the cover is 'OPEN', it prevents someone from turning the switch back 'ON'.

All the Heavy Duty Safety Switches have a Interlock Bypass located on the switch for a Qualified Person to bypass the above features. Either to open the cover with the switch 'ON' or to turn the switch 'ON' when the switch has been turned 'OFF' with the cover OPEN.

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