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Dynamic brake resistor ohm values on ATV11 Series

What is the dynamic brake resistor ohm value for the following:
ATV11HU05M2U, ATV11HU09M2U, ATV11HU12M2E, ATV11HU18M2U, ATV11PU09M2U, ATV11PU18M2U, ATV11HU05M3U, ATV11HU09M3U, ATV11HU18M3U, ATV11PU09M3U, ATV11PU18M3U, ATV11HU05F1U, ATV11HU09F1U, ATV11HU18F1U or ATV11PU09F1U

The minimum resistance that can be used on this unit for dynamic braking is 75 ohms.

This is based on the use of DB braking module VW3A11701 which does not include the DB resistor.

To select the value needed for any particular application, use the value of Vdb (DC voltage for dynamic braking) = 375. The Dynamic brake voltage should be used along with duty cycle and desired braking power to determine the power rating of the resistor.

CTA-ID : 2014682
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