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What is the GS1 or LK3 disconnect switches auxiliary contact rating?

What is the LK3 disconnect swithces auxiliary contact rating?

Product Line:
Operating Mechanisms and Disconnect Switches

Compact LK3 Non-Fusible and Compact GS1 Non-Fusible

They are A600 for AC and N600 for DC:

A600 10 amps continous;
make 60 amps, break 6 amps @ 120V;
make 30 amps, break 3 amps @ 240V;
make 15 amps, break 1.5 amps @ 480V;
make 12 amps, break 1.2 amps @ 600V;
maximum VA - make 7200 VA, break 720 VA.

N600 10 amps continous;
make or break 2.2 amps @ 125V;
make or break 1.1 amps @ 250V;
make or break 0.4 amps @ 301 to 600V;
maximum VA - make or break 275 VA.
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