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Customer wants to know if Sq D load centers have a Plenum rating?

There are no ``plenum rated`` Load Centers or applications for the use of a load center in a plenum. 2005 National Electrical Code (NEC) 300.22 addresses ``the installation and use of electric wiring and equipment in ducts, plenums, and other air-handling spaces``. NEC 300.22(B) addresses use of electrical equipment in ``Ducts or Plenums Used for Environmental Air``. NEC 300.22(C)(2) addresses use of electrical equipment in ``Other Space Used for Environmental Air``, which would include such spaces as the area above a hung ceiling. The specific application should be discussed with the Electrical Inspector having jurisdiction, to determine if the installation point in question is considered applicable to NEC 300.22(B) or NEC 300.22(C). A Load Center would not be allowed in a plenum that is covered by NEC 300.22(B) since it would not be ``...necessary for the direct action upon, or sensing of, the contained air``.

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