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Can I use generator power on ALTISTART Softstart unit?

Can I use generator power on an Altistart Soft Starter?

Product Line:
Altistart Soft Starters


Need to use a generator for supply voltage

There are some factors that should be considered before an ALTISTART Softstart is applied with generator power which are as follows:
* Non-Linear Loading - In starting and stopping modes , a soft start is non-linear and generator must be designed for this.
* Winding Impedance - Generators have a relatively large winding impedance. The acceleration and deceleration ramping of a soft start, therefore, can cause large voltage disturbances. This can effect other equipment operation on system.
* Fluctuations in Generator Outpout - The successful operation of a soft start depends on the starter`s ability to synchronize with the line voltage. Proper firing of the SCRs is based on a constant and stable line frequency. The generator must be sized properly to supply instantaneous current requirements so that speed is not reduced dramatically which may cause reduced voltage and frequencies which is critical to soft start operation.

Refer to Bulletin 8638PD9606R12/97 for further details.

CTA-ID : 2013817
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