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Is there a way to run the ATV58 without a motor connected to the output?

Yes. There is a setting in menu 3 of the drive that allows for this. (This feature was not available until version 4.1 IE25 drive controller firmware version.)
NOTE: Please refer to the documentation associated with the product for further information, cautions or warnings that may apply to this issue. Changing these settings may affect the expected operation of the drive.
In Menu 3 (drC) select SPC. Change the setting to PSM. This allows for test with small motor.
This is not possible if the macro for the drive is in VT Variable Torque mode thus it needs to be set to material handling. It may be necessary to save the existing settings in menu 7 (Files menu) so that the old settings can be recalled after testing the drive.
Also, in menu 6 (Flt) change OPL setting to NO.
After testing the drive, restore settings as needed.

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