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What is the SPI error that can get on the Omegapak 8804?

This stands for Serial Peripheal Interface error and is a Serial communications fault between control board and keypad .

To troubleshoot would want to check the serial comm. board COP light to see if flashing. It it is, is the OT light on the row of MCB (main control board) fault LEDs on. It COP light not flashing then probably have a serial board problem. If OT light lith and COP light flashing, then probably have a DOI board fault. If both above are normal, check cable connections to DOI keypad which may be an issue and if ok then replace the DOI keypad which suspect to be problem.

Need to remember to confirm versions of boards and DOI before changing because need to make sure the replacements are compatible.

CTA-ID : 4068
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