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What is the 5th jaw kit that is used for ALL the CSED [prefix C, RC, SC, SU(150-200amp), QC, CU and QU] Meter Mains and the SC, SU (100 amp-225 amp), QC, RC, SO All In Ones]?

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Combination Service Entrance Devices 

5th Jaw accessory


The Fifth Jaw(or 5th jaw) kit is part number 5J and is used for all the below Combination Service Entrance Devices(CSED)
1) All the Meter Main catalog numbers up to 225Amp MAX., with a Prefix  C, RC, SC, SU(150-200amp) and QC.
2) All the All-In-One catalog numbers up to 225Amp MAX., with a Prefix SC, SU(100 amp-225 amp), QC, RC and SO.

3) There is NO 5th Jaw kit available for ANY of the 300-400amp Ring Type(catalog number prefix CU and SU) CSED.
NOTE: These devices are for use ONLY on 120/240Vac 1phase-3Wire Systems(4-Jaw Meter socket)
4) ALL of the 300-400amp Ringless Type(catalog number prefix QC, RC, QU and RU) CSED come standard with a 5th jaw factory installed
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