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How can the rating of the ATV58 drive be increased for Variable Torque to higher HP?

The drive macro must be set to VT Variable Torque. Also, the switching frequency type can must be LF or HF1.
To adjust the unit to higher hp, begin at the rEF screen and follow this procedure:
1. Press ENT. rEF begins flashing.
2. Press up arrow key.  A Higher horsepower rating is displayed with a plus sign (+) indicating that the rating has been increased.
3. Press ENT then ESC.  The drive controller is now configured for a higher horsepower rating.

* The power rating can be increased for variable torque applications on the drive controller identification screen for the following products.
 --> 208/230 VAC drive controllers 15hp and larger
      (ATV58HD28N4 - D46M2)
 -->400/460 VAC driver controllers 25hp and larger
 -->460 VAC drive comptrollers 5 hp to 25hp that do not have an internal EMC filter (

CTA-ID : 2013262
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