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What are the instructions or guidelines that are included with the gate driver board & IGBT kits for the size 6 & 7 ATV66 drives?

When this inverter IGBT kit is used to repair an ATV66 AC drive with manufacturing datecode 0124* or with an earlier datecode, all of the inverter gate driver boards in the drive being repaired should be replaced with those found in this repair kit. The datecode can be found on the AC drive nameplate. On AC drive models ATV66C10N4 - ATV66C19N4, the nameplate is found toward the bottom of the right outer side of the AC drive. On AC drive models ATV66C23N4 - ATV66C31N4, the nameplate is located on the AC drive heatsink above the control power transformer. Consult Instruction Bulletins VD0C06S304D or VD0C06S304E (delivered with the AC drive) for assistance in locating the AC drive nameplate.

Failure to do so may result in imbalanced motor currents, which can cause nuisance drive tripping.

Replacement of the dynamic braking IGBT gate driver board is not required when installing this repair kit.

*``01`` = 2001, ``24`` = 24th week

CTA-ID : 2013360
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