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How can the ATV28 be set up so that the analog output will correspond to motor power?

In the I-O menu, set the AO setting to be OPr.
The range of the output is 0-200% of the drive power rating.
The AOt parameter is used to select the output type as 0-20 mA (0) or 4-20mA.

For example, the ATV28HD12N4 is rated for 7.5 kW. Therefore, if the AOt is set for 4 (4-20 mA) and the motor is using 7500 watts, the analog ouput will be 12 mA (50% of 4-20) which corresponds to 100% at 10,000 Watts, the analog output would be 14.66 mA (66.67% of 4-20 mA) because 10,000 is 66.67% of 15,000.

CTA-ID : 2012501
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