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How can you get the ATV28 unit to run as soon as line power is applied to it and don`t have a speed potentiometer or other external speed reference?

To get the unit to operate as desired would need to go to the drC menu and set Atr to YES. It will then start with the 24v jumpered directly to LI1. The speed reference that the unit runs at when no signals are used on AI1, AI2 or AIC is LSP. So to change the speed need to change LSP to desired hz want unit to run at. Additionally, this will start automatically when ever power is applied if LI1 is 1 and thus a reset is not necessary.

The unit will not automatically start when wired with a jumper between LI1 & 24v because the way it is designed for is 2-wire transitional control operation. Run (forward or reverse) and stop are controlled by the same logic input unless another input is programmed for freewheel stop. State 1is run state, state 0 is stop. On power up, on a manual fault reset, or after a stop command, the motor can only be powered after the ``forward``, ``reverse``, and ``DC injection stop`` commands have been reset.

link to manual attached (find under logic input function section)

CTA-ID : 2009769
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