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Can the S&C style fuses used in HVL switches, be considered FRONT Access Only?

Is there any other access besides Front Access with HVL switch using S&C disconnect style fuses ?

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HVL/cc   HVL


Product feature clarification


OSHA states that there must be 6 feet behind the switchgear if it requires rear access. In this case, rear access is only required to install and tighten cable connections.

Inspector will need to know that there is nothing to service, or maintain in the rear of the Switchgear.


The HVL/cc Switch is the only MV Product which is considered Front Access Only.
​The  HVL and Visi/Vac Switches must be entered as having Front and Rear Access.

All product selector layouts and logic rules for HVL and Visi/Vac were done based on having rear access. ``Front Access Only`` must be used with caution and thought.
Consideration must be given to components that require MAINTENANCE or fuse replacement, which can no longer be mounted in the rear area of the enclosure. The HVL switch is mounted near the center of the enclosure. This center mounting allows for more flexibility of cable entry and exit, along with the ability to mount larger components behind the switch. Installation is an important consideration.
The bend radius of cable should not be less than 12 times the diameter of the cable. If the radius is less than this, damage may occur to the cable insulation. This damage may not show up for a few years, but the insulation has been stressed. At this stress point, the insulation will start to erode over time and finally fail. Ease of cable termination and connection by the installing contractor is very important.
How will the contractor make these connections if there is no rear access? The only options are from the top or bottom of the enclosure. ``Front Access Only`` will generally add more sections and/or pullboxes. Side cutouts with cover plates are a special option.

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