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How does a user access the various parameter Levels for an ATS46 with the keypad?

On the back of the keypad you have two switches which ar used to select the menu level you desire to get into.

Switch 1 is on the bottom and Switch 2 is on the top.  The ON position is to the left and is labeled as such.

Level 1: both switch 1 & 2 is in the ON postion -->
      -->This allows basic acceleration and deceleration control parameters.

Level 2: switch 1 is ON and switch 2 is off -->
      -->This includes level 1 parameters and additional set up of more advanced features.

Level 3: switch 1 is off and switch 2 is ON -->
      --> Reconfiguration of controller operation independent of level 1 & 2 parameters.

When the controller is Ready:
    * Controller may be started and stopped with presence of run command
    * Display of monitoring parameters (level 1 & 2 only)
    * Display and modification of configuration parameters
    * Display of fault codes
    * Prog LED lit

When Motor is Running:
    * Display of monitoring parameters
    * Display and modification of adjustment parameters
    * Display of configuration parameters; no modification of configuration parameters

CTA-ID : 2011219
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