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What is the fuse for the power board on ATV66D33N4U, ATV66D46N4U, ATV66D54N4U, ATV66D64N4U, ATV66D79N4U, ATV66D23M2S264U, ATV66D33M2U or ATV66D46M2U?

The fuse on ATV66 size 4 & 5 power interface boards is Ferraz Shawmut part number Y85443, also referred to as 500VFA 6x32 4A.

This fuse is used on size 4 & 5 drives as well. This information SquareD and authorized field service personnel only. It is best to have the drives sent in for repair if this fuse blows. It indicates that there may be a problem with the power board, autotransformer or other componants in the drive. Simple replacement of the fuse is unlikely to repair the drive.

CTA-ID : 2012070
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