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What baud rate is used for communications between the keypad and the drive for the ATV58?

The keypad operates at a baud rate of 19200.

The value of the RS485 port can be identified in menu 4 under the BDRate RS485 parameter code tbr. The transmission speed of the RS485 can be set for 9600 Bits / second or 19200 Bits / second, however, the keypad will not communicate with it when it has been set for 9600.  To reset to 19200 baud for keypad operation, power down and change the 50/60Hz switch to the opposite position it is in, and then power up.  Next, power back down and change the switch back to its original position and power back up.  ***Remember that the motor parameters will have to be reset, because this sequence will cause them to revert to the factory settings.

CTA-ID : 2012057
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