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Application A/B, infrared windows, live line indicators, HVL/cc enclosures

What is Application B?
Application B has the line terminals at the bottom and fuses at the top.

What is Application A?
Application A has the line terminals at the top and fuses at the bottom.

Are the Infrared Windows the viewing windows?
Infrared Windows are optional and are for taking infrared photos to check for overheating.

What are Live Line Indicators?
Live Line Indicators are neon lights that are lighted by capacitors in the line or load side bushings.

What gauge steel is used for the HVL/cc enclosure?
Enclosure is 11 ga steel for all metal-enclosed products.

What is the Seismic Rating of HVL/cc switchgear?
No seismic testing has been done, but calculations qualify it for Seismic Zone 4.

This is a NEMA 3R application.  Can the inspection windows on the switch be seen from the outside of the N3R enclosure?
If this is a NEMA 3R application, The outer door must be opened to see the inspection windows on the switch. These windows are molded into the epoxy housing of the switch and are about 1 inch in diameter.

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