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What is included in the 8804MC16 Serial Comm kit?

It has Serial Comm Board (52011-405-50) and Memory Chip (52011-836-50), stand-offs, and instructions.

*****(Internally can go to Help files and pull up revision compatibility for DOI & Serial Com chips for more detail)******(Click on the Index and search for 804 DOI then after double click here, then highlight 8804 DOI Parts List and double click)*******

Do not go by statement in help file indicating ``when a replacment device is needed, order the serial comm kit and not just the board as the kit is more inclusive`` per Dave Hamline.  Dave stated usually don`t need the cables, standoffs, etc. so don`t order entire kit.

Review the following software revision chart to identify compatible software revisions; an X indicates compatible software revisions.  The serial comm board`s memory revision is displayed on IC5, located in the lower left hand corner of the board (refer to figure 12 on PDF page 11 of the 8804-50 manual.  The DOI revision is displayed on its revision screen (refer to PDF page 36 of the 50006-377-02A manual) or by removing the keypad`s back cover.

Only compatible serial communication boards and DOI keypads can be used together.  Additionally, software revisions for anything other than E & F, must be specified when ordering replacement devices. Or can send boards in to the depot to have repaired.

Also the appropriate DOI cables are required which are:
  -- 52011-837-50 for A & B frames CT 1-50hp:  EVT or VT 1-60hp
  -- 52011-837-51 for C & D frames CT 60-250hp: EVT or VT 75hp - 300hp

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