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What is the part number for the heat sink fan for the ATV58HU29M2, ATV58HU41M2, ATV58HU54M2, ATV58HU72M2 , ATV58HU18N4, ATV58HU29N4, ATV58HU41N4, ATV58HU54N4, ATV58HU72N4 or ATV58HU90N4?

The internal Fan kit or commonly known as a Heat Sink Fan is VZ3V58223U.

It consists of 2 Fans.

NOTE:  This kit can be used on ATV58HU41M2 product with a date code of 0126 or later. ATV58HU41M2 product manufactured prior to this date had the fan leads soldered to the power board and should be sent to the factory for repair or exchange.

CTA-ID : 2011542
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