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What are the control power optiions in the product selector?

The control power options for equipment are:

1.Not Required. 2. Provided by the User/Customer/External Source to the switchgear. 3. From the secondary of a Unit Substation. 4. System calculated by the selector based on the number of sections and installed devices. This option means that Square D will provide the control power from transformers installed in the switchgear. The size of the control power transformer will be determined by the power requirements of the installed devices. This is much more expensive than having the customer bring in the control power. It may add additional sections and cause the price to go even higher, if the additional sections are required. NOTE: All Outdoor (NEMA 3R) enclosures have heaters and require control power for the heaters. 5. From installed 1.5, 2, 3 or 5 KVA control power transformer. This is similar to item 4, but you specify the size of the control power transformer.

CTA-ID : 2011836
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