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What types of lugs are available in the Product Selector for each product type?

Lug Provisions Only, SetScrew, and Compression type. Provisions only are the standard offer for HVL and Visi/Vac. Lugs are optional for HVL and Visi/Vac. One hole short barrel Compression lugs are standard for HVL/cc with one set of 3 at no charge. When lugs are required for HVL & Visi/Vac, the standard lug is set screw type.

The HVL/cc lugs which must be used allow the connection to be made inside the field shaper. The field shapers are used to keep all sharp edges within the shaper. Due to the compact construction of HVL/cc switchgear sharp edges must be avoided to maintain the BIL of the structure.

CTA-ID : 2011832
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