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Why does the Altivar 58 display not allow changes to a parameter from unknown assignment?

This is likely because the keypad revision is not the same as the revision level for the control board.
Keypad replacement may be necessary. The keypad part number is VW3A58101U.

To get the display to show another option, factory reset is required.
Go to menu 7 (Files Menu). Go to Operate Type (FOt). Go to INI (Factory default settings). Enter. This will cause all programming to revert to the original factory settings. This will require all changes to be made to the parameters to be re-entered.
When programming, do not go past the known parameter. If an unknown parameter is displayed again, the drive will require another initialization to factory defaults.

NOTE: In some cases, the only way to perform factory initialization is to remove power, switch the 50/60 Hz switch to the other position, return power, remove power again, return the switch then restore power. This will also requre all settings to be restored.

CTA-ID : 2011969
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