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What are the specifications on the ATS48 R1 & R3 relay?

R1 is a dry contact labeled R1A to R1C.
R3 is a dry contact labeled R3A to R3C.
It is NO normally open programmable contact.

The minimum switching capacity: 10mA for 6 Vdc
Maximum switching capacity on inductive load
   * 1.8 A for 230 Vac and 30 Vdc
   * Maximum voltage 400Vac.

In the I/O Menu the r1 can be programmed for :
   * r1F: Fault relay
   * r1I: isolation relay

In the I/O Menu the r3 can be programmed for:
  * no: not assigned
  * tAI: motor thermal alarm
  * ml: motor powered
  * AIL: motor current alarm
  * AUL: motor underload alarm
  * APC: motor PTC probe alarm
  * AS2: second set of motor parameters activated

CTA-ID : 2011961
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