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What type Square D Fuses are sold in the Digest for the HVL switches?

What is the Standard Square D fuse for HVL switchgear?

Product Line:
Metal enclosed Swtichgear


Square D Fuses sold in the Digest are Ferraz Shawmut Type CS-3. The Standard Square D fuse for HVL switchgear is the Square D DIN/E Style Current Limiting Fuse manufactured by Cooper Bussman.
This is also the fuse that is used in the HVL/cc swiitchgear line. This is an ANSI E rated fuse with a DIN Style porcelain body. These are not listed in the Digest. If Fuselogic is required for the HVL switch,
then the Ferraz Shawmut CS-3 fuse with extended travel pin must be used.  Please consult your local distributor so they can get the part number of the extended travil pin fuse and they will consult the local sales office to consult with the plant.

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