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Need assistance with Statovar unit.

The STV64 product is still being manufactured in France as of  September 2001.  These devices can be order as factory orders with a 4 - 6 week lead time.  Use the following catalog to determine the part in quesiton.

Older STV versions (i.e., STV04, STV44, STV54) do exist but they are no longer supported.  To obtain pricing, users must supply the exact name plate part number from any existing equipment.

No one in the United States was trained on this product as it ws not introduced in the US.  Support options include:  

Rreplacing unsupported STV products with the current STV64 design.  These can be purchase through Square D or the equipment OEM.
       Product Support such as troubleshooting or start-up must come from the OEM.
       Consider replacing STV product with an ATV58 crane package from the Crane Control group in Columbia, SC.  Confirm this
               with Sonny Haile at (803) 695-7806.

All information contained in this tool is property of the Square D Company / Groupe Schneider / Telemechanique.

For product information release go to

then at site go to left of page and click on VVD info,
 --then from pull down click on Commercial
 --then at across top clik on By Product
 --then click on blue arrow beside STATOVAR

CTA-ID : 2003579
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