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Can three phase distribution transformers be installed in an the rear of a HVL section?

Can we put three phase distribution transformers in an HVL section in the rear. The sizes are 45KVA, 75KVA and 150KVA.

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The largest three phase transformer that can be mounted in an HVL section is 75KVA. Above 75KVA the transformer is too large and it will produce heat rise problems in the enclosure.

The 150KVA transformer will have to be mounted external to the switchgear.

The 45KVA and 75KVA will require 75`` deep indoor or 80.50`` deep outdoor enclosure. Use TAG # 98 for extra depth charge.

In addition, the fused HVL switch must function as the fused disconnect for the transformer. The arc strangler NX fuse disconnects will not work for transformers this large.

TAG #353 is for the 45KVA and TAG #403 is for the 75KVA.
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