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Customer requests the ability to change sensor plugs on the Powerpact breakers (P and R frames), like we do on NT and NW.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Powerpact P and R, Masterpact NW and NT
Trip Units this applies to: Standard, Ammeter, Power, and Harmonic

Sensor Plugs can be replaced only on circuit breakers with date codes later than 07011.

NOTE: This does not apply to ET 1.01 Trip units, sensor is fixed and cannot be changed. 

Installation Notes:
Masterpact NT and NW:  sensor plugs are field installable down to 50% of the FRAME  rating.   Example:  A Masterpact with a 1600 amp frame can receive sensor plugs from 800-1600 amps.
Powerpact P and R:  sensor plugs are field installable down to 50% of the CURRENT rating.  Example:  A Powerpact P frame breaker with 800 amp sensor installed at the factory can only receive sensors from 400-800 amps.  You can't go higher than what was originally installed at the factory.
For complete details on installing sensor plugs and their restrictions, please see link below to instruction bulletin 48049-145-03.

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