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What is the padlock attachment for QOB2150VH, QOB3110VH, QOB3125VH and QOB3150VH circuit breakers?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

For breaker catalog numbers QOB2150VH, QOB3110VH, QOB3125VH, QOB3150VH, the pad lock attachment is built into the breaker. It consists of a small hasp with a loop that can be extended to allow a padlock to lock the breaker in the ON or OFF position. See the picture below.
  • On the 2 pole breaker, the hasp is located in the body between the 2 poles
  • On the 3 pole breakers, the hasp is located in the body between the 2nd and 3rd pole.
It is not available separately, and cannot be field installed. Refer to instruction document 48940-072-03.

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