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What is recommended when a unit has possibly been exposed to water?

Pure H2O without the presence of any other elements is a non-conductive molecule.  However, pure H2O rarely occurs in nature.  The presence of other contaminates that are always in the environment surrounding electrical equipment, plus the ionic elements routinely found in moisture or water, combine to create unintended or unexpected chemical reactions on and within electrical equipment.

Since it is likely containmemant were introduce and their effects may not be obvious or immediate, it is not receommended the product be refurbished or repaired but rather replaced.  The is especially true with any devices containing semi-conductors or transistors.

See the attached document for details.  If there are specific occurrences not clearly addressed in the attached  document, then it is strongly advised to engage and employ a representative of Service`s Engineering Services Group to perform an on site assessment and investigation.  Additionally, contact a representative of the claims department for additional advise and counsel.

CTA-ID : 2011159
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