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VR Breaker & Harmonics generating load<br />Need to know if there are any special consideration when the VR breaker (15kV, 2000A) is feeding a harmonic generating load such as:<br />12 pulse electrolytic rectifiers ( 2 breakers, each protected by GE Multilin SR750 relay).<br />Harmonics filter banks (1 bank filtering the 5th and 7th, 1 bank filtering the 11th and 13th), both protected by GE SR750 relays. Each bank is 5 MVAR @ 13.8 kV.<br />

Reply by Mr. Ruben Garzon: As far as the circuit breaker is concerned there is no problem for this application. However we should recommend that a resistor-capacitor surge suppressor be installed between the circuit breaker and the load to protect from the switching surges that will be generated by the system.

CTA-ID : 2010130
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