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Can customer add MultiLin 269 to his Altistart ATS46 control cabinet? Can you tap off of the internal CTs of ATS46 unit to provide feedback to the component?

NO. The ATS control cabinet was not designed with this addition taken into consideration and modification may cause it to loose it degree of protection or operation if not done properly.

Also, would not connect the internal CTs which were not designed to be used for tapping off to supply measurements for external devices.

*Note* The MultiLin 269 is a Motor Management Relay which is a microprocessor based product designed to provide complete and accurate protection for industrial motors and their associated mechanical systems. The 269 Plus monitors the rotor and stator winding temperatures and shuts off the motor when thermal limits are exceeded. It also shuts down the motor when it detects a potentially damaging or hazardous condition using RTD inputs.

CTA-ID : 7420
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