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What is a C60N, C60H, or C60L?

Are C60N, C60H, or C60L valid part numbers? 

Product line: 
Miniature circuit breakers

Multi 9 C60 circuit breakers

Multi 9 C60 is a breaker "type" not a part number.   The C60N, C60H, or C60L product lines are IEC listed breakers of this type with different magnetic trip curves.  

There are both Merlin Gerin and Schneider Electric Multi 9 breakers in existence, however currently only Schneider Electric branded Multi 9 products are available.  

Selection is based on the magnetic curve, number of poles, amperage, voltage system used, interrupting rating, and other desired features and accessories that may or may not be availbale.  Reference the Multi 9 catalog for part numbers.  
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